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May 2018

13-week Prayer Collaboration focused on the liberation of ancestral and cultural trauma. A service to our ancestors, ourselves, our children and the generations yet to come.

March 2017

I would like to share the following conference focused on the theme of inherited, ancestral trauma; the limitations, distortions and difficulties it causes in all areas of our lives, our health and our well-being. The release of transgenerational trauma has been the focus of my work for the past twenty-five years.


I would like to offer this meditation/visualization that I have created with the intention of connecting you with your matriarchal and/or patriarchal lineage to begin the process of releasing the ancestral trauma that resides there. It is not important that you actually visualize everything that is being described; simply following the instructions is sufficient to receive the intended benefits. Relax for approximately 25 minutes, dim the lights, light a candle if you so desire and offer this service to your ancestors, your children, your grandchildren and all those generations yet to come.


November 2010

Radio Interview with Pamela Field
Theme: Arolo Tifar


November 2010

Video interview with "Reiki Man", Stephen Hall:

July 2010

Article about Releasing Ancestral Trauma by Pamela A. Field for Mayanmajix.

June 2010

Pamela Field is trained as a qualified clinical research healer. She participated in a scientific project sponsored by the Optimal Healing Research Program and overseen by Melinda Connor, Ph.D. of the University of Arizona.

The experiment consisted of sendin
g energy long-distance to a geranium leaf. Each healer was sent a photo of a particular leaf. Energy was sent three times a day for ten minutes during a three-month period. The leaf was cut from the plant, put into a pot of soil and given water and light on a daily basis. For each geranium leaf receiving long distance energy treatments, there was a control geranium leaf cut from the same plant and placed into a pot with soil. This leaf did not receive the energetic treatment, but received the same amount of water and light.

The purpose of this project was to answer the following questions:

How long could the detached geranium leaf receiving energy remain green and healthy on its own? Do long-distance energy treatments really work? If so, can this be proven?

The results were surprising:

The geranium leaves receiving energy stayed green and healthy for 50 days.
The control leaves dried up in 14 days.

A surprise factor:

The healers were unaware of the fact that 30 days after the project began an azalea leaf was added to the pot containing the geranium leaf receiving energetic treatments. There was also a control azalea leaf that did not receive the energetic treatment, but was put into a pot of soil and received the same amount of water and light.

The results were even more surprising:

The azalea leaves receiving energy stayed green and healthy for 60 days.
The control leaves dried up in 11 days.

June 2009

Arolo Tifar was accepted as part of the Rotation Energy Medicine Extravaganza organized by the Integrative Medicine Department at the University of Arizona

The Integrative Medicine Department of the University of Arizona, under the guidance of Dr. Andrew Weil, has organized a one-month program to expand energy medicine awareness to groups of approximately 25-30 fourth year medical students from around the country. This program occurs twice a year. One of the activities offered is called the Rotation Energy Medicine Extravaganza. This gathering exposes the fourth year medical students to different energy healing modalities. During this event, a group of 10-15 practitioners, representing different modalities, offer treatments to the medical students. Afterwards a question and answer period is held to inform the soon-to-be physicians of the importance of energy medicine. Arolo Tifar has been accepted as one of the modalities offered at the Rotation Energy Medicine Extravaganza in Tucson, Arizona. Pamela, as a representative of Arolo Tifar, attended this event three times while living in Tucson.

Letter from the University of Arizona, December 3, 2009

Letter from the University of Arizona, May 24, 2009

Letter from the Mecidal Students




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