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"Pamela Field has dedicated her life to the theme she describes. She has traveled throughout the world in search of knowledge, she has participated in ceremonies, she has learned from masters of different traditions, she has offered innumerable workshops and conferences, she has lived, reflected and synthesized. The Woman Who Dreams Herself is read with utmost pleasure. It is a mixture of passion and conviction, compassion and humor."

Ándres Ibañez, Novelist and Book Critic for ABC, Madrid , Spain


"Dear Pamela,
Your book sounds great. I love the topic and I see light all around it. I send my prayers for you and your marvelous book."

Marianne Williamson, Author of
"A Woman's Worth" (A comment based upon the synopsis of Pamela's book)


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E-book (pdf):

The Woman Who Dreams Herself

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The suffragette movement beginning in the mid-1800's and the feminist movement beginning in the 1960's mark two periods of time in which women radically changed (and are changing) the world we live in. Pamela believes that the present times mark yet another equally significant period for women. This time the objective is to understand and embrace the essence of the feminine. This will restore a much needed balance on an individual, societal and planetary level.

The Woman Who Dreams Herself is a combination of discoveries made during fifteen years of leading women’s workshops, emotional and psychological patterns revealed during hundreds of individual healing sessions and a personal exploration of the feminine. It is extremely important at this time, for women to unite for mutual exploration, support and healing. This book may serve as a guide for such gatherings.

A prophecy told by a Grandmother of the Seneca people explains the task at hand: "Heal the women. Then the women can heal the men, and then together they can heal the earth."

The purpose of this book is to contribute towards healing the women.


Book Synopsis

The Woman Who Dreams Herself is divided into four sections (apart from the introduction, conclusion and bibliography).

The first section is titled, "The Times." This section explores different native prophecies, scientific discoveries and earth changes, which emphasize the importance of the present times and specifically, the need for the feminine.

The second section is titled, "What prevents us from dreaming ourselves?" This section explores many factors that hinder the awakening of the feminine. It focuses on erroneous definitions of femininity, inherited and outdated belief systems, women's unconscious fear of their feminine power and the need to heal ancient traumas inherited from our matriarchal lineages.

The third section is titled, "What will enable us to dream ourselves?" The purpose of this section is to identify hidden feminine capacities, to awaken them and to put them to use.

The fourth section is titled, "Tools for Dreaming Yourself." The "tools" provided in this section support any discoveries made while reading. This section offers a variety of ceremonies, exercises, strategies, suggestions and projects from different cultures, aimed at self-discovery and the awakening of the feminine.

The book's style is intimate and easy to read. It includes photos, poems, short stories and anecdotes.



Free the Past, Heal the Future

A method and guide for releasing ancestral trauma

Is it possible to achieve happiness when many of our ancestors were accustomed to suffering? Can we reach prosperity if our grandfathers and grandmothers have been conditioned for mere survival?

The purpose of Free the Past, Heal the Future is to provide an energetic and holistic healing method focused on releasing traumas inherited from members of our maternal and paternal lineage. The information and methods presented herein are a complement to all existing healing modalities. This book also presents research on the trans-generational inheritance of trauma, descriptions of individual healing sessions performed by Pamela, preventive health measures and more. It is easy to read and offers practical suggestions, information and methods.

Researchers and professionals in the field of health have obtained scientific proof that a trauma can be passed along from generation to generation. We have all, to varying degrees, inherited traumas from members of our maternal and paternal lineages. These traumas and the mental/emotional patterns produced by them, can distort our sense of self-identity, interfere with our health and impose countless restrictions upon all areas of our lives.

These inherited programs create stagnation in our process of evolution, causing us to take one step forward and then, one step back. Many people have clarified the origin of the inherited, dysfunctional habits they seek to change. This knowledge often provides some relief from the undesired tendencies. However, the dysfunctional patterns or physical symptoms often reappear. Discovering the source of the problem is not always enough to achieve permanent change or healing. On the other hand, the person may have successfully resolved the dysfunctional tendencies connected to traumas experienced in his/her own lifetime. However, the effects of traumas inherited from members of his/her lineages (which may represent the core of the problem) may still be present within them. The method offered in this book has a significant benefit, it is not necessary for the individual to be conscious of the specific traumas suffered by his ancestors in order for them to be accessed and released.

When a trauma is experienced and not addressed it is ultimately buried somewhere within the psyche, the emotions and/or the physical body. These repressed ancestral traumas are stored in something that Pamela refers to as a capsule. This contains the essential event, shock, memories, unexpressed emotions and reactions of the person who experienced it. This capsule can be transmitted from one generation to the next in the same way that our DNA and neurons transfer information.

Pamela has explored this theme for more than 15 years within the framework of individual energetic and holistic healing sessions. She has been focused on two basic questions: 1. If ancestral traumas are stored in our genes, neurons and DNA and these consist, for the most part, of energy; is it possible to release ancestral traumas and the effects produced by them on an energetic level (i.e. perforating the capsule and enabling the content to be released)? 2. If this is possible, might the individual achieve significant, measurable relief from the inherited, tendencies and physical symptoms suffered? Based upon the results of hundreds of individual healing sessions, the answer to both of these questions is "yes."

May this generation free itself from the traumas, wounds and errors of the past to pave the way for our children, grandchildren and beyond. It is time that humanity resumes its process of evolution towards more elevated expressions of being.

Silence your mind and listen…your ancestors are whispering to you: “Wake up dear…we’re waiting for you.”



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