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An audiovisual workshop!

Your Birth Chart
Live the Concept of Time as Art

Based on the Dreamspell Calendar
(created by José Argüelles)
and Mayan culture.

Workshop presentation (video): https://youtu.be/NHPApQvTpG0


For more than 25 years Pamela has been living according to two calendars. The Gregorian calendar and a calendar called the Dreamspell Calendar. The Dreamspell calendar was created by José Arguelles, author of the book The Mayan Factor . It is based on his interpretations of how the mathematics of the Mayan Tzolkin calendar functions. This calendar consists of 13 months and 28 days. The 25th of July is considered a "Day out of Time." There are 20 symbols (glyphs) and 13 numbers that rotate on a daily basis throughout the course of the year. These symbols appear on Mayan codices, are engraved onto their temples and painted onto their works of art. According to our date of birth each of us is governed by a specific symbol and a number; this combination is considered our "Galactic Signature."

Pamela has created a video workshop in which she explains the different aspects of the calendar, the benefits it offers and how to live according to it. One of the purposes of this calendar is to experience the concept “time is art” as opposed to the idea that “time is money.”

Each participant will also receive their Dreamspell birth chart. This consists of 5 pages, one for each of the following categories:

1. Your birth sign

2. Your guide (as your ascendant)

3. Your secondary characteristics

4. Your hidden talents and abilities

5. Your challenge in this life

Pamela encourages people to paint or draw their "Galactic Signature" since it resonates with the individual's true essence, potential and life purpose. The vibrations emitted from the “Galactic Signature” can assist you to awaken the memory of who you are and remind you of the mission that you came here to offer.

Price: 55 euros (Paypal fee of 5€ included)

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