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Arolo Tifar was accepted as part of the Rotation Energy Medicine Extravaganza organized by the Integrative Medicine Department
at the University of Arizona. Pamela attended this event three times while living in Tucson.

Letter from the University of Arizona, December 3, 2009

Letter from the University of Arizona, May 24, 2009

Letter from the Mecidal Students


For testimonials from clients who have received an Arolo Tifar treatment with Pamela, please click here.


Pamela collaborated with several physicians on cases that were difficult to diagnose. To read a letter of recommendation from one of them, please click here.


Pamela is a trained clinical research healer. She participated in a 3 month scientific experiment aimed at the validation of long distance energetic healings. For more information and the results, please click here.

Distant Healing Sessions with Pamela

Is it possible to enjoy life fully if your lineage is replete with suffering? Can you access your full potential, if your ancestors' main priority was survival?

Researchers and professionals in the world of healthcare agree that a severe and stressful event that has occurred in the individual environment produces an alteration in the genetic information that is transmitted from generation to generation. We are all, to some extent or another, affected by our ancestors' unresolved traumas. The side-effects produced by these ancestral traumas radically distort our perspective, limit our possibilities and interfere with our well-being.

Pamela has been exploring this topic for 20 years in the context of individual therapies. The two questions she sought to answer are: If the genes, DNA and cells that contain the genetic memories are composed for the most part of energy, is it possible to release them using an energetic method? If so, once released, would it be possible to free the patterns, tendencies and symptoms produced by the inherited genetic memories? Pamela found that the answer to these questions, based on hundreds of individual sessions, is "yes."

Pamela works with a method called, Arolo Tifar, a very old healing technique that has been rediscovered in Germany at the beginning of the 90s. It is an energetic and integral system that uses a special analysis. The body is reviewed in five aspects: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual to determine the level at which the root cause of the disease or malfunction is located. The analysis allows the therapist to differentiate between the cause of the problem and the symptoms. This information is extremely important, because it is very difficult for healing to be achieved when the treatment is directed mainly on the symptoms.

A session with Pamela consists of her making and analysis, offering the energetic treatment focused on the field that contains the root cause of the problem and attempting to clarify the cause and how to rectify it.

After the session, all the information obtained is shared with the individual in a written review. In this way, the individual may understand with greater clarity the origin of the illness or problem and utilize this information for his/her healing process. Pamela also provides suggestions for the individual (exercises, meditation, etc.) to do on their own as a follow-up and support to the session.

To Request a Distant Healing Session:

Distant healing sessions have proven to offer the same results as those performed in person.

A date and hour for the session must be coordinated between the individual and Pamela. The person should be lying down without any disturbances for 1.5 hours with all cell phones and computers in the room turned off. Pamela will connect with him/her energetically to perform the session. A written review of the information received during the session, the energetic work, releases performed and possible follow-up recommendations will be sent to the individual via e-mail after the session.

Information necessary for a distant healing:

- The person's full name
- Date of birth
- The name of the city and state where he/she currently lives
- A brief description of the themes and issues to be addressed during the session. This includes mention of any known traumas suffered by the individual or members of his/her immediate family, accidents, serious medical interventions, illnesses or disorders and any aspects of the individual or areas of their life that are not functioning as they would like.

There is no need to provide in-depth historical information (dates, names of ancestors, etc). Ideally, this information should be presented in a list format.

Healing sessions with Pamela serve to:

- Provide important information regarding the cause of an illness or disorder
- Calm anxiety and fear during periods of change
- Heal emotional and psychological wounds
- Access more of one's hidden potential
- Balance mind, body and spirit
- Support the healing process of physical ailments
- Overcome limitations, restrictions and fear
- Release inherited ancestral trauma

Price: 125 euros (5 euros for Paypal fee included)

This includes:

  • The session (1.5 hours)
  • A written review explaining the themes and traumas that were located and released during the session (apprx. 2 pages)
  • Follow-up suggestions and exercises (specifically designed for each person) to support the themes worked on in the session.
  • A final check-up after the suggestions have been completed.
  • Comments sent to the person after the final check-up.
  • The Paypal fee.

The time dedicated to each individual session is between 2.5 and 3 hours.

To request a long-distance session, please contact Pamela.



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