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13-week Prayer Collaboration focused on the liberation of ancestral and cultural trauma. A service to our ancestors, ourselves, our children and the generations yet to come. For more information and to participate, click here.


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Releasing Inherited Ancestral Trauma

Researchers and professionals in the field of health have obtained scientific proof that a trauma can be passed along from generation to generation. We have all, to varying degrees, inherited traumas from members of our matriarchal and patriarchal lineages. These traumas and the mental/emotional patterns produced by them, distort our sense of self-identity, interfere with our health and impose numerous restrictions upon our lives.

Pamela has explored this theme for more than 15 years within the framework of individual healing sessions. Her exploration was focused on two basic questions:

1. If ancestral trauma is stored in our genes, neurons and DNA and these consist, for the most part, of energy; is it possible to release ancestral trauma and the effects produced by it on an energetic level?

2. If so, would this enable permanent healing to occur?

Based upon the results of hundreds of individual healing sessions, Pamela discovered that the answer to both of these questions is "yes." When the trauma is released on an energetic level the effect is similar to erasing a dysfunctional program installed into a hard drive. In other words, when the energetic capsule containing the inherited trauma is perforated and its contents released, the dysfunctional tendencies and emotions provoking physical symptoms are released along with it. This method reaches the core of the issue, the root cause, even if it stems back several generations. Pamela offers individual healings (including long-distance) and workshops focused on this theme.

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Pamela's Books:

The Woman Who Dreams Herself: A Guide for Awakening the Feminine

The suffragette movement of the mid-1800's and the feminist movement beginning in the 1960's mark two periods of time in which women radically changed (and are still changing) the world. The present times mark yet another equally significant period for women. This time the objective is to understand and embrace the essence of the feminine. This will restore a much needed balance on an individual, societal and planetary level. For more information or to purchase a book:

E-Book or Book


Free the Past,
Heal the Future

A method and guide for releasing ancestral trauma

The purpose of Free the Past, Heal the Future is to provide an energetic and holistic healing method focused on releasing traumas inherited from members of our maternal and paternal lineage. The information and methods presented are a complement to all existing healing modalities. This book also presents research on the trans-generational inheritance of trauma, descriptions of individual healing sessions performed by Pamela, preventive health measures and more. It is easy to read and offers practical suggestions, information and methods. For more information or to order an e-book in pdf format:


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