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For testimonials of clients who have received an Arolo Tifar treatment with Pamela, please click here.

Pamela collaborated with several physicians on cases that were difficult to diagnose. To read a letter of recommendation from one of them, please click here.

Pamela is a trained clinical research healer. She participated in a 3 month scientific experiment aimed at the validation of long distance energetic healings. For more information and the results, please click here.

Testimonies of clients who have received an
Arolo Tifar treatment from

Dear Pamela, My deepest thanks for the amazing treatment session with you . You opened the door , and on Thursday I received a call "out of the blue" from a colleague inviting me to work on a project at 5 times the hourly rate I have been charging. Holy smokes. You are truly serving as a channel for miracles in my life.  B.S . ( Tucson , AZ )

The Arolo treatment that you gave my sister went very well.  She is extremely happy.  The truth is that she no longer feels the pain in her back…after so many years!  
Gloria  ( Solsona , Spain )

Thank you very much Pamela, every one of your words resonated deeply within me.  It makes me emotional, since all that you commented gave meaning to what I have been living lately.  I have had a problem in my back for 2-3 years and have gone to physical therapists and doctors to try and resolve this.  Today I woke up with an entirely new body, it is the first time in years that I feel no pain, only relief. 
Rosa ( Barcelona , Spain )

Thank you so much for the healing this morning... I've read the review and every bit made sense, in fact it was accurate way beyond anything I could of imagined.
B.C.   ( England , U.K. )

Dear Pamela, Thank you for working on my brother David.  Quite a few changes have happened to him of late, some really positive ones which will help him to move forward with his life. I don't know how it works but I do believe that you have helped him.  
F.M (Channel Islands, U.K. )

The review of my therapy was in total synchronicity to what I have lived up until now. I have noticed a great change, everything is much better, especially in the area of work, which is where my energy was always stuck. 
M.S.   ( Menorca , Spain )

Thank you very much Pamela for the treatment you gave my son. I feel much calmer now.  Yesterday he allowed me to give him a kiss.  It has been a long time since he has allowed me to show him affection. From that point on I have noticed major changes. 
E.C. ( Andalucía , Spain )

Physically I notice that I am recuperating very quickly. Before I felt a strong weight and pain on my back and I no longer feel this. I am more able to accept my process, it is as if I acquired a sense of detachment and confidence.  I certainly feel much clearer since the date that you gave me the treatment, as if I were more myself, freer. Your analysis and treatment were very accurate and correct, marvelous!  I am very happy and very grateful. 
P.S. ( Menorca , Spain )

Thank you very much Pamela. You have given me great relief. Your analysis confirmed what I had thought and I now understand what actions are necessary. I have been repressed for many years and I see now that I don't want to continue this way. Thank you with all my heart. 
C.L. ( Andalucía , Spain )

Hello Pamela, Thank you, brilliant work! I can relate to all you say here in the review.  Your comments ring very true. Grateful thanks.
Maggie ( England , U.K. )

Hello Pamela, My thyroid glands are healed! 
F.S. ( Barcelona , Spain )

Your therapy and review have shown me the path that I should follow, the errors that I should not commit again and it gave me hope for the future. The creative talent that you referred to in the review is Chess. I have practiced it many years, but only as a hobby.  I have saved the review that you sent to me, so that I may read it as many times as I need to. I really like it. 
M.F. ( Menorca , Spain )

Dear Pamela, Yesterday was a very intense session, I cried a lot and had many visualizations. I have read your review a few times with great attention. The truth is that it opened my eyes to be more conscious of what I am going through now.  Since the day that I wrote to you requesting a session, the swelling in my feet began to heal.  Thank you from all my heart. 
Y.I.   ( Menorca , Spain )

I felt very emotional and impacted by the information in the review but also very happy for the many burdens that I feel you have lifted off of me.  I now understand where my lack of energy comes from.  Rocío ( Málaga , Spain )

The truth is that this treatment has changed my life.  Thank you for offering me a light at the time of the most darkness in my life.
Marta ( Andalucía , Spain )

Yes I did notice a change. I think it was last friday or the friday before that I noticed that I just felt better. So it's like I just got a little lighter or more peaceful or higher or something. I also had a change for the better in a physical condition that I'm working on. 
A.G. ( Florida , U.S.A. )

Hello Pamela, I received the review and it was very interesting.  Since the day you gave me the treatment I have more energy and much less pain. 
Pepa ( Andalucía , Spain )

Thank you for the amazing reading and treatment. You are really right on in your perceptions, and it helps me to understand what's been going on with me, namely, the frustration of not being able to move forward despite totally restructuring my life. 
Amanda ( Málaga , Spain )


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