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Free the Past, Heal the Future

We have received a blessing and an official declaration of support
(see translation here) from Tibetan Lama Thubten Wangchen.

Three-month Prayer Group (every Monday)
Focused on the Release of Ancestral and Cultural Trauma

organized by Pamela Field

(Participation after the date of commencement is welcome.)

It seems that certain areas of humanity are trapped in a vicious circle in which old dysfunctional behavioral patterns, cruel tendencies, erroneous beliefs and grave errors are being repeated over and over again. Perhaps an important factor contributing to this are the ancestral, religious and cultural traumas and wounds that desperately need to be addressed.

What does the collaboration consist of? The participants (from their homes) every Monday between 4 and 11 pm (local time) whenever it is most convenient, will send prayers, visualizations, Reiki, recite mantras and/or send healing to the ancestors of the culture and the corresponding theme for that day during a minimal period of 30 minutes. The participants will use the methods with which they feel most comfortable. Each week we will focus on different cultural groups and themes.

The Intentions:

1. To contribute to cultural healing on a global scale as a service to future generations.
2. To liberate the anger, injustices and suffering from different cultural/religious groups to enable their knowledge, ancient wisdom and spirituality to flourish.
3. And, if it is the will of God, Allah, Buddha, Mother Mary and the Great Spirit, etc. to release enough ancestral traumas to (along with all the other groups, individuals and organizations today focused on the creation of a better world) enable humanity to embrace more humane forms of expression, co-existence and evolution.

The Program – (with some examples):

Every week an e-mail will be sent with suggestions for that Monday’s themes.

Week 1: Each person will focus on his/her own cultural /religious roots and ancestors.

Week 2 and 3: Traumas caused by war, political/religious and economic ambitions: For example: Countries that suffered from dictatorships: Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Pinochet, Franco, Assad en Siria, Idi Amin (Uganda), Saddam Hussein, Noriega, etc. Traumas from World War I and II, wars in the Middle East, Bosnia, atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Great Depression in the USA (1930’s), devaluation of currencies in South and Central America, Civil Wars, the male/female soldiers and infantry who fought the wars, attack on the World Trade Centers (2001), certain militant Muslim groups, Neo-Nazi movement, drug cartels especially in Mexico and Columbia and all of their victims, the Spanish Inquisition.

Week 4: Traumas caused by natural disasters and epidemics: For example: Earthquake in Haiti (2010), countries affected by the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean (2004), flooding in New Orleans (2005), earthquake in Mexico City (1985), the Bubonic Plague in Europe (1347 to 1351), cholera epidemics in Spain (1890), AIDS epidemics in Africa, Small Pox/measles epidemics among Native Groups in the Americas (1770s to 1850), etc.

Week 5 and 6: Traumas caused by cultural Genocide and Ethnocide – For example: the Jewish holocaust, tribal warfare in the Congo (Africa), massacre of Indigenous groups by Spanish and Portuguese Conquerors in North, Central and South America, African slaves, tribal conflicts between African tribes, conflicts between Islamic tribes, the Spanish Inquisition, efforts made by the Chinese to destroy Tibet and its culture, Ku Klux Klan.

Week 7 and 8: Traumas caused by gender violence: For example: Raping of women in the Congo, Korean women and girls captured and forced into prostitution in Japan during World War II, girls in Cambodia and Thailand forced into prostitution, girl infants killed in China because of the one child per family mandate, undesired girl infants killed in India, the general treatment of women in certain Islamic groups and countries in the Middle East.

Week 9: Traumas caused by the destruction and desecration of sacred sites and texts: For example: Mount Rushmore on sacred land of the Dakotas, burning of Mayan Codices and sacred texts of other religious groups, sacred sites and indigenous burial grounds defiled or destroyed, grave robbers desecrating thousands of Kogi (Columbia) graves sites, Alaskan Pipeline built through native lands, destruction of the Umayyad Mosque of Aleppo.

Week 10 and 11: The perpetrators’ traumas and the traumas inherited by their descendents: For example: the dictators and their subordinates (Hitler and the Nazis, Stalin, etc.), the slave owners and the men who captured and transported them, all those involved in the Spanish Inquisition.

Week 12: Traumas that are registered into the earth, water, air and atmosphere: For example: the destruction of the Amazon, the pipelines for oil, fracking, oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico and Galicia, tons of garbage thrown into the oceans, chemical trails from airplanes, mass burial sites, the hunting and slaughter of whales, dolphins, tuna and other fish, etc.

Week 13: To give thanks for the blessings received and to celebrate a new beginning

If you would like to join the collaboration, please send Pamela an e-mail, so that you will be maintained informed.

Thank you.


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